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Erasmus + project: international exchange knowledge work ability

The ageing of the working population will increase in the coming years. The impact of this ageing process forms a major challenge for employers and employees. It concerns a focus on sustainable employability, a personnel policy that focuses on life-phase-awareness and a good overview of (the development of) work capacity. After all, the increase or decrease in work capacity is an important indicator of possible dropout and for Blik op Werk, as manager of the Dutch version of the Work Ability Index (WAI), a focus point. The WAI is a validated diagnostic tool on the development of work ability.

Erasmus + project
In the European Union, except in the Netherlands and Finland, the WAI and the concept of work ability are mainly used in Germany. In some countries, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, ageing also plays a role, but little attention is paid to the development of work ability. Blik op Werk works together with four other organizations in Europe to exchange experiences and knowledge on this theme. This exchange, for a period of three years, started in 2020 as part of an Erasmus + project.
With this project we want to bring together European specialized institutes dealing with work ability and age management. Purpose: to share methods and develop new products targeting the individual needs of employers, employed and unemployed people, including support through digital technologies.
In addition to exchanging and sharing experiences, examples of good practice, teaching methods, training programs and other tools that support work ability, participants will also develop new methods for improving work ability and establish a common platform. Finally, joint training programs will be set up for professionals but also for students at universities of applied sciences.
Depending on the development of the Corona-pandemic there will be a conference in the autumn of 2021 in The Netherlands with the European partners.

Participants, besides Blik op Werk are : Arbeid und Zukunft (Duitslandl), Age Management (Tsjechie), Nemzeti Nepegeszsegugyi Kozpont (Hongarije), Slovenska Asociacia age management (Slowakije)

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